BMW Sae Standards & Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical to mechanical and environmental testing.

Reference Specification Test
AA 0129 Cass Test
AA P 194 Resistance Testing
AA-0224 Cyclic Corrosion Test
AA-P 177 Crosshatch Testing
AA-P 224 Condensation Water Constant Atmosphere Test
AA-P 288 Accelerated Weathering Color Stability
AA-P 187 Multi-Stone Chip Test with Salt Water Exposure
AA-P 192 Determination of Multi-Stone Chip Resistance
AA-P 193 Single Impact Testing
AA-P 194 Chemical Resistance
BMW GS 97019 E Coats Standard
BMW TP 303.5 Alternating Climate Test for Trim Parts
BMW AA-0026 Aging Resistance Test
BMW AA-0053 Resistance to Sun Cream of Painted Surfaces
BMW AA-0180 Cross Hatch Testing
BMW AA-0203 Hydrolysis Test
BMW AA-0213 Condensation Water Constant
BMW AA-P 308 Hydrolysis Test
BMW GS 97045-2& Coatings on Plastic Parts
BMW-PR 303.5c Alternating Climate Test
BMW GS 90011 Organic Coating of Parts Made of Metal
BMW GS 95003-4 Environmental Testing
BMW GS 95003-5 Chemical Resistance
BMW GS 97034-1 Manual Abrasion Test
BMW GS 97034-2 Finger Nail Test
BMW GS 97034-3 Shoe Sole Test
BMW GS 97038 Burning Behavior
BMW GS 97045-1 Painted Plastic Parts Interior & Exterior
BMW GS 97045-2 Painted Plastic Parts Interior & Exterior
BMW GS 90010 Types of Surface Protection for Metal
BMW GS 97028-3 Structural Adhesive
ISO 2409 Cross Cut Test
PA-P 028 Crosshatch Testing
PA-P 100 Determining the Reflectometer Value (Gloss)
TP 303.5 Alternating Climate Test for Trim Parts
PR 306.4 Solar Radiation Simulation for Interior Trim Components
PR 308.2 Climatic Test for Bonded Joints
TP 309 Vibration Test for Equipment Components
QV 34081-2008 Geomet Brakes
VDA 270 Odor Test
VDA 278 (A2LA Accredited) Volatile Organic Compound Detection — Interior Parts

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