Chrysler Sae Standards & Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical to mechanical and environmental testing.
Reference Specification Test
LP-463PB-54-01 Crock Mar Resistance
CS-9003 Material Content Reporting, Marking, Recyclability
CS-Corrosion Corrosion Requirement
PF-7051 Paint Continuous Performance – PPAP & PSO
PS-1129 Chemical Surface Treatment – Black Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Nickel Plated Steel Part
PS-10378 Corrosion Resistant Coating – Zinc-Rich/Aluminum Rich Silver or Black Multi-Coat System – Chromium Free
AS-10169 Surface Appearance Requirements for Fascias & Exterior Components
49-00023 Performance Requirements for Paint Finish Systems
CS-11982 Electrical/Electronic Environmental Specifications
CS-13398 Micro Chamber Testing
DC-10611 Rev. A E/E Component Environmental Testing Specifications
DC-10867 Throttle Body – Electronically Controlled
LP-463CB-10-01 Heat, Humidity, and Cold Aging Test for Adhesives
LP-463DD-8-02 Accelerated Service Temperature Tests
LP-463LB-13-01 Heat Aging of Trim Materials
LP-463DD-18-01 Determination of Scratch and Mar Resistance of Automotive Plastics
LP-463KB-12-01 Weatherometer Test of Automotive Type Trim Materials
LP-463LB-10-01 Bond Strength of Trim Materials
LP-463PB-31-01 Resistance of Paint Films to Various Fluids
LP-463PB-57-02 Determination of Asphalt Staining of Exterior Plastics
LP-463PB-57-03 Determination of Automotive Fluids Staining of Plastics
LP-12491 Wax Whitening Resistance
MS-JP9-8 Chemical & Abrasion Resistance of Plastics, Exterior Applications

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