Ford Sae Standards & Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical to mechanical and environmental testing.
Reference Specification Test
WSS-M2P188-A1 Resistance to Fade
BI 103-01 Salt Spray Resistance Test for Painted Panels and Parts
BI 104-01 Water Immersion Test for Painted Parts & Panel
BI 104-02 Condensing Water Vapor Test
BI 106-01 Coating Adhesion Test
BI 106-03 Hydrolysis Resistance of Painted Plastic Panels
BI 107-05 Thermal Shock Test for Coating Adhesion
BI 109-01 Coloring Matching with Artificial Light
BI 113-02 Resistance to Acid Spotting
BI 117-01 Thickness Measurement of Paint Films
BI 123-01 Painted Sheet Metal Corrosion Test
BI 123-03 Component Corrosion Test
BI 161-01 Mar Resistance Determination for Automotive Coatings
BI 168-01 Fluid Resistance of Chassis & Exterior Materials for Incidental Exposure
BO 116-01 Resistance to Interior Weathering
BO 116-03 Interior Trim – Fogging Characteristics
BO 131-03 Interior Odor Test
BO 160-04 Resistance of Plastic Painted Parts to High Pressure Cleaning Operations
BQ 007-02 Acid Dissolution Test for Decorative Aluminum Parts
BQ 104-07 Environmental Test Cycles
BV 101-07 Stress Durability Test for Lap-Shear Bonds
BZ 108-01 Bag Testing
BZ 156-01 Determination of Formaldehyde, Aldehyde, and Ketone Emissions
BZ 157-01 Determination of Organic Emissions from Non-Metallic Materials Through Static Headspace Method
FLTM-BZ 151-01 Micro Chamber
CETP: 00.00-L-467 Accelerated Cyclic Corrosion Test
ESB-M70J5-A Thermosetting Polyester
ESE-M99P21-A Rust Preventive Coatings
BJ 107-03 Humidity Test for Rust Prevention Compounds
MA-0005 Resistance to Fade
MA-0015 Chemical Compatibility
MA-0022 Scratch Resistance
MA-0024 Cold Impact-Interior Components and Hard Instrument Panels
MA-0124 Resistance to Exterior Weathering – Accelerated
MA-0128 Simulated Sunload Resistance – Exterior
MA-0130 Humidity Aging
MA-0131 Heat Age Exposure – Exterior
VDA 278 (A2LA Accredited) Volatile Organic Compound Detection — Interior Parts
WSB-M1P83-B1-4 Chrome Specification
WSS-M2P122-C1 – C6 Corrosion
WSS-M2P170-B1 – B7 Heat Resistance Coating
WSS-M2P177-B1 – B2 Paint Performance
WSS-M2P177-C1 – C3 Paint Performance
WSS-M2P178-A – A3 Paint Performance
WSS-M2P180-A Paint Performance, Rigid Substrates, Exterior
WSS-M2P190-A Resistance to Artificial Weathering
WSS-M2P190-A1 Paint Performance, Visible Metallic Interior Parts
WSS-M5P8-B1 – B2 Lighting Metallization, Plastic & Metal Substrates
WSS-M11P65-A2 Tape, Performance, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Two Sided, Exterior, Body Side Molding
WSS-M15P4-E Interior Trim, Assembly Performance Specification
WSS-M21P17-B1 – B5 Corrosion Protective Coating
WSS-M21P36-A4 – A6 Ball Stud Protective Coating
WSS-M21P37-A1 – A2 Corrosion Protective Coating
WSS-M21P39-A1 – A4 Corrosion Protective Coating
WSS-M98P13-C Exterior Plastic Performance, Mold-In-Color
WSS-M99D63-A3 Thermoplastic Elastomer, Floor Covering, Grained Shaped
WSS-M99P32-C Performance, Acoustical and Thermal Assemblies

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