GM Sae Standards & Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical to mechanical and environmental testing.

Reference Specification Test
GMW 14668 Immersion Corrosion of Metals
GM 258M Weight Loss Insulation
GM 273M Corrosion Protective Coating for Brake Rotors
GM 9070P Flammability
GM 4298P Salt Spray Test
GM 4350M Painted Part Performance Requirement
GM 4435 Protective Finish – Phosphate Type
GM 4465P Water Fog Humidity Test
GM 6090M Flammability of Materials
GM 7400M Material Specification Plastics
GM 9071P Tape Adhesion Test for Paint Finishes
GM 9141P Compatibility of Plastic Rolled Goods
GM 9200P Accelerated Aging and Steaming
GM 9202P Determining Heat Build-up of Insulating Material
GM 9304P Wear Resistance
GM 9502P Knife Cross-Hatch Adhesion Test
GM 9505P Automotive Environmental Cycles
GM 9506P Dime Scrape Test to Determine Paint Adhesion & Brittleness
GM 9507P Thumbnail Hardness Test for Painted Parts
GM 9509P Solvent Rub Method for Determining Cure of Painted Metal or Plastic Substrates
GM 9511P SCAB Corrosion Creepback of Paint Systems on Metal Substrates
GM 9540P Accelerated Corrosion Test
GM 9675P Test for Dynamic Flex Fatigue
GM 9838P Tape Lamination to Automotive Components
GME 3191 General Specification Electric/Electronic
GME 60400 Abrasion Resistance
GMN 10046 Insulation – Thermal and/or Acoustical – Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive, Aluminum, and Fiber Composite - Exterior
GMN 10083 Interior Paint Finish Durability (Plastic Substrates)
GMW 3059 Restricted & Reportable Substances for Parts
GMW 3205 Determining the Resistance to Odor Propagation of Interior Materials
GMW 3235 Fogging Characteristics of Trim Materials
GMW 4700 Zinc Alloy Plating
GMW 14872 Cyclic Corrosion Test
GMW 3044 Zinc Plating
GMW 3010 Determination of Tensile and Elongation Properties
GMW 3172 General Specification for Electrical/Electronic Component Analytical/Development/Validation (A/D/V) Procedures for Conformance to Vehicle Environmental, Reliability, and Performance Requirements
GMW 3205 Determining the Resistance to Odor Propagation of Interior Materials
GMW 3208 Rotary Abrasion Test, Taber Type
GMW 3232 Test Method for Determining the Flammability of Interior Trim Materials
GMW 3235 Fogging Characteristics of Trim Materials
GMW 3286 Procedure for Neutral Salt Spray Test
GMW 3326 Tearing Strength of Textile Materials by Trapezoid Method&
GMW 3359 Non-Electrolytically Applied Zinc-Rich Coating
GMW 3431 General Procedure for testing switches
GMW 9538 Weathering Exposure Tests for Interior Trims
GMW 14011 Objective Subsystem/Component Squeak and Rattle Test
GMW 14093 Determination of Impact Resistance of Plastic Components
GMW 14124 Automotive Environmental Cycles
GMW 14162 Colorfastness to Artificial Weathering
GMW 14171 Heavy Layer Sound Barriers and Decoupler Assemblies
GMW 14333 Resistance to Fuels of Exterior Automotive Materials and Components
GMW 14334 Chemical Resistance to Fluids
GMW 14665 Anodic Oxidation Coating on Aluminum
GMW 14669 Organic Coating/Finish Performance for Exterior and Interior Metallic Materials
GMW 14671 Organic Coating Performance for Underhood and Underbody Components
GMW 14700 Stone Impact Resistance of Coatings
GMW 14729 Procedures for High Humidity Test
GMW 14829 Tape Adhesion Test for Paint Finishes
GMW 14885 Painted Aluminum Road Wheels
GMW 14914 Test Fluids for Fuel Resistant Testing
GMW 15272 Corrosion Performance Specification
GMW 15282 Corrosion/Undercutting Scribe Creepback
GMW 15356 Sheet Metal Rating Scale
GMW 15357 Component Rating Scale
GMW 15358 Fastener Rating Scale
GMW 15359 White Corrosion Rating Scale Guideline
GMW 15635 Determination of Aldehyde and Ketone Emissions from Interior Materials
GMW 15735 Storage Stability of Adhesives and Sealers
GMW 16284 Brake Rotor Coating
GMW 16348 Functional, Non-visible, Interior Trim System Minimum Material Performance Requirements
GMW 16443 Adhesion Performance Requirements for Adhesive Backed Foam
GMW 16879 Performance Requirements of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW PE) Tape
GMW 16998 Dust-Out From Fiber Sound Absorber Pad

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