Honda Sae Standards & Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical to mechanical and environmental testing.

Reference Specification Test
Honda Jet Model HA-420 Environmental Effects Test Procedure For Reclosable Fasteners
D2016-07 Rev.4 General Coating (on metals)
D2023-07 Rev.4 Heat –Resistant Coating (on metals)
D2028-07 Rev.3 Oil-Resistance Coating (on metals)
HES C206-99A Flammability of Automobile Interior Parts
HES D6501-06 General Test Methods for Coatings
HES D2003-03 Electroplating (for corrosion prevention, rust prevention and decoration)
HES D2008-03 Zinc-Aluminum Composite Coating
HES D2018-99 General Coating (on resins)
HES D2021-04 Corrosion-Proof Coating (on metals)
HES D6001-04 General Test Method for Plating
HES D6003-12 Flammability Test Methods for Automobile Interior Parts
HES D6501-03 General Test Method for Coating
HJS-3217 Chemical Conversion Coat Cure Time Study
0094Z-T7S-0000 Bag Testing
0096Z-STX-A000 Mirror Inner Base Coating
4251Z-SEP-A000 Quality of Geomet Coating on Brake Rotor
5100Z-S04-0000 Painting Quality of Automobile Suspension Arc Welded Parts
5100Z-SG0-A000 Coating on Iron-Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet by the Hot Dip Process

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