PV 3900 VW Odor Testing

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ATS performs the PV 3900 Volkswagen Odor test to assess the role of odor resulting from climatic exposure of the interior materials of Volkswagen automobiles in providing customer satisfaction.

The “new car smell” is a quality contributing to the excitement when a customer purchases a new car. The PV 3900 methodology is conducted as follows:

  • Specimen assigned to a variant in odor-sealing bowl
  • The variant of specimen exposed to defined temperature condition for the specified duration
  • Testing specialist use PureSniff funnel system to evaluate the sample
    • Additional specifications for condition differ per variant
  • The odor is evaluated using 6-grade scale after inspection

Additional specifications per condition inclide:

  • Variants 1 and 2: test bowl filled with 5ml of water, immediate evaluation upon removal from the desiccator
  • Variant 3: no water added to test bowl, cooled to a temperature of (60 ± 5) ° prior to evaluation upon removal from the desiccator
Testing Capabilities

The PV 3900 VW Odor Test is performed in one of our ISO 9001 certified automotive testing labs. Our experts perform automobile testing as means of serving as a “one-spot-shop” for client needs. Our lab meets standards from over 10 automobile manufacturers, offering services such as:

  • Vibration/Shock Testing
  • Impact Resistance
  • Chip Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Cyclical Corrosion

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services has been a premier institution for over 50 years, serving professionals worldwide throughout the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, military, and steel and aluminum industries. ATS experts are devoted to the mission of providing our clients with unmatchable services of value. Our innovative lab facilities and devoted employees allow us to meet quick turn around times, with most results available within 3 to 5 business days.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

ATS holds professional credentials necessary to guarantee the quality of our offered services. Our Quality Assurance department determines measurable goals for all ATS departments in our continuous quality improvement process. ATS operates in accordance with accreditations and certifications such as: ISO/17025 (A2LA), ISO 9001, Nadcap, and other service-specific quality standards. We at ATS are committed to client excellence by:

  • Adhering to applicable service standards and specifications
  • Providing services in a timely manner
  • Reporting clear and accurate results
  • Employing committed, engaged experts

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