Toyota Sae Standards & Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical to mechanical and environmental testing.

Reference Specification Test
PPS Test Method 1001 Corrosion Resistance
PPS Test Method 1002 Chemical Resistance of Paint Film
PPS Test Method 1005 Water Resistance of Coatings
PPS Test Methods 1007 Chemical Resistance – Wiping Test
PPS Test Method 2001 Thermal Cycle
PPS Test Method 2006 Heat Resistance Test
PPS Test Method 3005 Car Wash Test
PPS Test Method 3026 Fastener Retention Test
PPS Test Method 4002 Paint Adhesion Test
PPS Test Method 4003 Paint Flexibility Test
PPS Test Method 4010 Paint Thickness Test
PPS Test Method 4011 Paint Hardness Test
PPS Test Method 4013 Imprint Resistance
TIS 01202-00C36-A Peel Strength with Adhesion Type Balance Weight
TIS T0321E Corrosion Resistance of Paint Film
TIS 01204-00232 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
TSH 1108G Phosphate Film Conditions
TSH 1552G Salt Spray
TSH 1553G Chip Resistance of Paint Films
TSH 1554G Filiform Corrosion Resistance (Toyota Arrow Chip Test)
TSH 1555G Accelerated Corrosion Under Complex Environment
TSH 2354G Cathodic Electrodeposition Film
TSH 3131G Paint Film Quality of Coated Exterior Parts
TSH 6504G Electroplated Chromium Coatings for Decoration
TSH 6528G Electroplated Zinc-Iron Alloy Coating (Hexavalent Chrome-Free)
TSH 7600G Anodic Oxidation Coatings of Aluminum (for decoration)
TS 60695-11-4 50 W Flame Test
TS M5515G Polyacetal Resin Molding Materials Performance Testing
TSC 3005G Ultraviolet Ray Deterioration Test
TSD 5613G_0_H-1 Adhesion Strength
TSD 5615G Resin Wheel Cap Performance Evaluation
TSF 5213G Performance Test Methods for Lock Opener Cables
TSF 5213G-1 Lock Opener Cables
TSM 0500G Flammability for Non-Metallic Materials
TSM 0503G Fogging Test Method for Non-Metallic Materials
TSM 0508G Volatile Component Measurement Method Using Sampling Bag
TSL 0601G Change in Color by Aging
TSL 3509G Low Elastic Felt Material for Silencer
BSDM 0508 Bag Testing Method
BSDM 0512 Bag Testing Method

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