Volkswagen Sae Standards & Testing

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical to mechanical and environmental testing.

Reference Specification Test
(DIN 53479) DIN EN ISO 1183-1 Density
ISO 11357 / DSC Method (Substituted for ISO 3146) Melting Temperature
DIN EN ISO 1133-A, Code T Melt Mass-Flow Rate
DIN EN ISO 1172 Ignition Residue
DIN EN ISO 527-1 Breaking Stress
DIN EN ISO 527-2 Yield Stress, Tensile Strength
DIN EN ISO 178 Flexural Strength
DIN EN ISO 178 a. Modulus of Elasticity- Room temperature
b. Modulus of Elasticity- High temperature
c. Modulus of Elasticity- Low Temperature
DIN EN ISO 179-1/1eU; DIN EN ISO 179-1 Un-Notched Impact Strength/(Charpy) Impact Resistance
DIN EN ISO 179-1/1eA; DIN EN ISO 179-1 Notched Impact Strength /Charpy Impact Resistance
DIN EN ISO 306/ A50 or B50 Vicat Softening Temperature/ Dimensional Stability
ASTM E1252-98 (2013) Material FTIR
DIN 53497 Elevated Temperature Behavior
DIN 53491 Elevated Temperature Behavior
DIN 53497 Low Temperature Behavior
PV 3905 Ball Drop Test
PV 3929 Kalahari Test
PV 3930 Florida Test
  Resistance to Aging
  Resistance to Agents
TL211 Paint Coating
TL226 Thermal Conditioning
PV 3925 Formaldehyde Emissions
PV 3341 Emission of Organic Compounds/Total Emissions/VOC
VW 50180 Emission of Organic Compounds/Total Emissions/VOC
PV 3015 Condensable Constituents/ Emission Behavior (Fogging)
PV 3900 Odor
PV 1303 Lightfastness/Colorfastness/High Temperature Light Exposure
PV 1306 Tackiness
PV 1200 Environmental Cycle
VPV 2005 Environmental Cycle
Initial Condition per DIN EN ISO 2409 Crosscut Adhesion
  Aging at Elevated Temperature
DIN EN ISO 6270-2 Condensated Water Constant Climate
  Corrosion Cycle
PV 3906 Abrasion
-100 Crockmeter Strokes w/Dry Cloth
-100 Crockmeter Strokes w/Moist Cloth
-2000 Crockmeter Strokes w/Dry Cloth per
  Resistance to Agents – drop test
  Abrasion Behavior – Cleaning Agents
PV3964 Cream Resistance
TL 1010 Burning Behavior/Flammability
VW 50190 Colorimetric Evaluation
  Environmental Aging
  Heat Aging
PV 3904 Low Temp Aging
PV 3937 Amine Behavior
  Resistance to Cleaning Agents
  Cleaning Behavior
  Low Temp Behavior
  Elevated Temperature Behavior
PV 3966 Stress Whitening
Section 5.6 Low Temp Behavior
  Color Analysis
  Heat Aging
PV 2034 Adhesion of Decorated Material
DIN EN ISO 1172 Glass Fiber Content
Section 3.2 Moisture Content
DIN EN ISO 2039-1 Ball Indention Hardness
DIN EN ISO 307 Viscosity Number
Aging Resistance
DIN 53505 Hardness Test (Shore D)
DIN EN ISO 1172 Mineral Content

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