Ardrox DLM 1000 Radiometers are serviced at ATS Calibrations

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Anywhere OSHA lighting policies are implemented, a radiometer should be in use. Ardrox DLM 1000 Radiometer calibrations are a common sight in the ATS Calibrations Laboratory. Our standards provide accredited radiometer calibrations of visible light to 200 foot-candles and UV-A light (365nm) up to 2,000 uw/cm2.

ATS Calibrations Capabilites Include:

  • Up to 5% accuracies of the reading for Spectroline and Gould-Bass Meters
  • Up to 3% accuracies of the reading for Extech Light Meters

Services Offered:

  • NDT and QC Inspections
  • MIL and ASTM Standards
  • UV Sensors
  • Visible Light Calibrations
  • Black Light Calibrations
  • Exceptional Accuracy
17025 Accredited Calibrations

17025-accredited calibrations on radiometers and light meters are offered in few laboratories in the U.S., however, Applied Technical Services is home to one of those few. We can provide clients calibration uncertainties as low as 2.9% for white light and 4.5% for black light, due to our new, high-accuracy light detectors. At ATS, the average turnaround time on light meters is seven to ten days. For standard calibrations that do not need repairs, clients can request expedited service with two-day turnaround.

Since 1987, Applied Technical Services has worked with clients to ensure testing and results at an unmatched level of service. At ATS, all calibration services include As-Found and As-Left data traceable to NIST. Calibrations are also performed in accord with documentation and control procedures. Our quality-assurance system complies with applicable requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 9001-2000, 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR Part 21, ISO/IEC 17025, and ASTM. If needed, clients can request calibrations accredited by A2LA standards. ATS also provides a web interface, iPortal, to provide electronic copies of calibration certificates, current assets’ status and history, and due-date reports for serviced equipment.

Other Common Brands Serviced Include:

  • UVP J-221 Black Light Meter
  • Gould-Bass DLM-1000
  • Spectroline DSE-100x Radiometer
  • Extech Light Meter
  • Greenlee Light Meter

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