EPA Method 24 Testing

Paint Samples for Analysis
A Short Background

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established Method 24, a testing method for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), in 1984. It soon became a generally accepted test standard in the United States – manufacturers and regulators began to acknowledge it as a useful test to measure VOCs in liquid samples. Applied Technical Services, Inc. (ATS) performs EPA Method 24 testing on a routine basis, as well as other VOC methods. ATS also performs VOC testing on a variety of materials and for numerous industries.

About the Test

Method EPA 24 is conducted in two sections. In the first, the method only calls for the measurement of the total amount of VOCs in the test material’s composition. This first half of the analysis yields general values, such as the total VOC value, density, total solids percentage, and water content. In some cases, the first section of the test will show that the sample provides a total VOC value that meets client requirements; in these cases, there is no need to conduct the second section.

The second half of the testing requires the use of a Gas-Chronomatograph/Mass-Spectrometer (GC-MS); this part will identify the specific VOCs present in the test material, and determine their relative percentage of its chemical makeup. Circumstances will vary, so while EPA 24 calls for GC-MS testing to account for exempt compounds, it is not always necessary.

ATS and VOC Analysis

Our chemists are well-versed in analyzing both water-based and solvent-based samples. EPA Method 24 is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory groups to analyze for VOC content in liquid samples (paints, inks, coatings, etc.).

ATS has provided testing, consulting, inspection, and engineering services for 50 years. Our chemists are dedicated to offering the most thorough analysis available in a timely manner. When you require VOC testing services, ATS will ensure you receive the relevant information you need to remain standard-compliant.

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