Ash Analysis

FT IR Analysis

Ash testing, also commonly referred to as ash content analysis, is a hugely important element of research and development for a number of key reasons. A thorough ash test can help to determine what percentage of a particular sample involves filler content, which can help determine exactly how a sample will react throughout the course of its lifecycle when exposed to normal room temperature.

The ATS Approach

At Applied Technical Services, our highly trained team of technicians and engineers use a number of different procedures for all ash testing needs, including industry standards like the latest revision of ASTM D5630. A typical ash test involves taking a known weight of a sample and placing into a specially designed crucible in a muffle furnace and heating to at least 500 degrees Celsius to burn off the polymer. When the sample has had a chance to cool in a desiccator, the ash residue that remains in the crucible is weighed. Any residue that remains in the crucible after this point is considered to be filler and is expressed in a percentage of ash.

The ash residue is then examined by ATS professionals in order to determine if it is glass, a particular mineral or some type of combination of both.

Related Services

ATS can also take things to the next level by performing a number of related services after ash testing has been completed, which will vary depending on the exact results of the previous technique.

  • SEM or XRD analyses can be conducted to properly identify what type of mineral you're working with, if the remaining ash in the crucible is determined to be mineral based.
  • FTIR analysis can often be used to characterize fillers such as calcium carbonate, talc, and glass fiber.

At ATS, we provide excellent customer service by offering accurate analysis performed in technically advanced labs at an economical price. In addition to friendly service and quick turnarounds, ATS is committed to quality assurance by holding multiple accreditations and certifications including ISO 9001. If you are looking for ash testing lab contact Applied Technical Services for accurate and dependable test results.

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