DSC Testing

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Differential Scanning Calorimetry

DSC testing, also commonly referred to as "differential scanning calorimetry" testing, is a process designed to measure properties such as specific heat capacity, temperature of phase changes, melting points and more as they relate to a particular sample material. These properties can be commonly classified as thermal transitions. This helps organizations like yours determine variations in the oxidation, composition and crystallinity of materials that you're working with when compared to reference materials, helping you make the right selections for the types of high quality products and services that you’re releasing into the marketplace on a regular basis.

The Applications of DSC Testing

Because of the comprehensive nature of the testing as well as its overall versatility, DSC testing itself is utilized in a wide range of different applications including but not limited to things such as:

  • Measuring The Transition Or Softening Temperatures Of Materials Such As Plastic Or Glass-based Materials, Which Is Entirely Dependent On Not Only The Temperature History Of The Polymer But Also The Amount And Type Of Filler Material
  • Measuring The Crystallization And Melting Temperatures, Along With Characteristics Like Phase Transition Energies, As They Relate To Certain Organic Compounds
  • Thermal Stability Of A Particular Material
  • Reaction kinetics Of Polymers
  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) Of Amorphous Polymers
  • Oxidation Temperature
  • Oxidation Energy
  • Polymer Melting Temperature
  • Polymer Heat of Fusion

ATS' DSC Testing

With the comprehensive DSC testing services offered by Applied Technical Services, you and your team will be able to properly determine a number of factors regarding your sample including:

  • The Temperature At Which Your Polymers Go From A Harder, More Brittle State To A Softer, More Rubbery State Also Known As The Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • The Temperature At Which A Particular Crystalline Polymer Begins To Melt
  • The Total Amount Of Energy That A Sample Polymer Can Absorb During The Melting Process
  • The Exact Temperature At Which A Polymer Begins To Crystallize During Both The Heating And Cooling Processes
  • The Total Amount Of Energy That A Sample Material Releases During The Crystallization Process And More

At Applied Technical Services, the overall quality and comprehensive value of our DSC testing is always one of our top priority. If you're in need of a DSC testing provider who can provide you with all of the accurate, actionable information you need when you need it the most, please don't hesitate to contact Applied Technical Services today for more information.

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