TGA Analysis

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Thermogravimetric Analysis

TGA analysis, also commonly referred to as thermogravimetric analysis, is a procedure that helps determine a number of different properties of a particular material including the amount of weight lost during heating and cooling, endothermic properties, exothermic properties and more. Because of its comprehensive nature and overall versatility, it is often used to analyze a wide range of different materials including:

  • Polymers
  • Laminates
  • Composites
  • Rubber or Elastomer
  • Fillers/Ash Content
  • Kinetic Studies

TGA analysis is a recommended component of a number of different ASTM and ISO standards, including ASTM E1131 and ISO 11358.

The Basics of TGA Analysis

At its core, TGA analysis is designed to provide your organization with a much deeper level of knowledge regarding the change in mass of a particular material as a function of both time and temperature. The basics involves heating a sample at a specific heating rate from ambient to 1000°C in nitrogen or air and then calculating the resulting weight losses that may be due to moisture, semi-volatile compounds, polymer degradation, carbon black, and ash content. The properties that are observed in a material are graphically displayed as a thermogram that shows the exact temperature where the sample has lost weight and looks like:

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ATS' TGA Analysis

Applied Technical Services' TGA analysis services are performed by highly trained and educated professionals, many of whom hold multiple accreditations and certifications between them. Regardless of the type of material they're working with or the particular client, the end goal is always the same and that is to provide your organization with a detailed level of information regarding the thermal behavior of materials to help with functions like research and development, production control, as well as failure analysis of field returns.

At Applied Technical Services, our primary goal always involves providing you with the comprehensive TGA analysis services that you need at an organizational level to make the strongest decisions possible moving forward. If your business is searching for a TGA analysis provider that can give you the comprehensive level of care and attention please feel free to contact Applied Technical Services today.

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