CMM Inspection Services

Dimensional inspection lab at ATS - A2LA Acredited ISO-17025 Certified
Dimensional Inspection Lab

The Dimensional Inspection Lab of ATS is an A2LA Accredited ISO-17025 Certified Inspection Lab offering virtually unlimited Dimensional Inspection Capabilities utilizing unsurpassed quality measuring equipment and software. Our Dimensional Inspection services are complete with a full Metrology Lab and 3 Ultra High Accuracy - Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Video Measuring Capabilities for extra small items like circuit boards, a 30" Optical Comparator as well as a full range of precision dimensional measurement instruments. We are able to provide precision measurements in a timely and efficient manner with virtually unlimited Metrology Services. Our ultra large CMM has the capacity of inspecting extra large parts of up to 47”x 118”x39” (1200 x 3000 x 1000 mm) and up to 5000 pounds.

  • Unlimited Dimensional Inspection
  • Measuring Equipment and Software
  • Video Meeasuring Capabilities
  • 30" Optical Comparator
  • Full Metrology Lab

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