Color/Gloss Testing

color/gloss testing
ASTM D523, ASTM E1331, ASTM D2244, ISO 7724/2, ISO 2813

Color and gloss of a product can be affected by various environmental parameters.

In addition to the accelerated weathering exposure needed to create the color/gloss change (Xenon, UV, Abrasion, Thermal), ATS has the capability to determine the color and gloss changes. These variations can be measured quantitatively by using a spectrophotometer.

ATS's state-of-the-art spherical spectrophotometer offers color analysis utilizing multiple illuminations and observer angle options. We can perform color fade, grey scale comparison, or standard color matching.

Available metrics include tristimulus parameters (L, a, b), ΔE, gloss values (20°, 60° and 85°), reflectivity, transmissibility, haze.

Our trained color technicians work diligently to provide our customers with the most accurate information they have requested.

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