Ingress Protection Testing

ip testing - ingress protection
IP Testing - Ingress Protection

ATS' environmental simulation lab offers Ingress Protection Testing services.

IP tests assess the capacity of products/enclosures to offer protection of the working parts against water, dust and solids.

IP testing is critical for a wide range of applications from cell phone cases and aerospace electronics to high-voltage transformers.

The IP ratings depend of the target use and are identified as 'IP XY' where the first digit ('X', from 1-6) indicates the level of protection against Solids and Dust while the second digit ('Y', from 1-8) indicates the level of protection against Water.

ATS now has the capability to test all possible combinations (water drip, spray, jet, dust, solid probes), including the most severe IP68 (dust tight and protected against high water pressure, steam and water immersion).

ingress protection diagram

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