Boiler Tube Failure Analysis

boiler tube failure analysis
Applied Technical Services provides boiler tube failure analysis for an assorted collection of companies and industries worldwide.

At ATS our program for determining failure incorporates laboratory testing and empirical data evaluation. Our comprehensive investigations result in conclusive reporting affording assurances to our clients.

Our applicable capabilities include, but are not limited to root cause analysis, metallurgical analysis, visual inspection, deposit weight density determination, chemical composition, wall loss determination, scale thickness measuring, pit depth measuring, mechanical failure analysis, and more. Our evaluating process determines failures by corrosion, stress ruptures, erosion, fatigue and/or maintaining quality control. As a preventative measure potential failures may be identified to avoid costly repairs and lost production.

ATS' focus on boiler tube failure analysis begins with examining the conditions that initiated the failed component and collecting the pertinent data for reliable information. As we collect, analyze, interpret and study our findings, ATS' vast failure experience plays a major contributing role in delivering accurate determination. Our thorough testing, investigation and inspection services in conjunction with our quality assurance program, proven record, and cost preservations has established ATS as a leader in the failure analysis industry for our clients.

Common Causes of Boiler Tube Failures:
  • Caustic Corrosion
  • Stress Ruptures
  • Erosion
  • Corrosion Fatigue
  • Short-term Overheat
  • Deposit Weight Density
  • Chemical Composition
  • Pit Depth Measuring
  • Stress-Corrosion Cracking
  • Cavitation