Fastener Failure Analysis

fastener failure analysis
ATS is a reliable source for your fastener failure analysis. Our experts and engineers have the experience and expertise to find the root cause of your failed fasteners.

Inspection results commonly reveal deficiencies due to inadequate product design, poor production processes, incorrect metallurgical properties, fatigue loading, and improper service.

In addition to failure analysis, we also offer first article inspections and quality assurance evaluations. Our technically advanced labs provide a large variety of tests and inspections to ensure your products conform to industry standards and regulations. We routinely test to ASTM, SAE, ASME, NACE and ISO Standards.

Common Failures Found in Fasteners:
  • Overload Fracture
  • Torsional Shear Failure
  • Fatigue Failure
  • Corrosion
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Plating Defects