Metallurgical Failure Analysis

metallurgical failure analysis
Whether you are investigating a single component or dealing with a system failure, you can rely on the ATS Failure Analysis Group’s expertise and testing techniques to meet your full failure analysis needs.

From fractures to formability problems, corrosion to wear, our analysts will find the root cause of the failure and assist in plans for prevention.

Applied Technical Service’s metallurgists and professional engineers routinely conduct failure analyses on a wide variety of materials, including steels, stainless steels, titanium, superalloys, copper alloys, aluminum, plastics, ceramics and glass.

Failure analysts commonly use multiple test techniques to determine the root cause of the problem: visual examination, optical fractography, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, hardness testing, mechanical testing, chemical analysis and metallographic techniques.

Should the scope of analysis call for additional expertise, the Failure Analysis Group can consult with engineers in other divisions of ATS, including Forensics, Mechanical Engineering, and Dimensional Inspection.

Testing is performed per industry standards, including ASTM E2332, Standard Practice for Investigation and Analysis of Physical Component Failures, and applicable specialized procedures.