Wire Rope Failure Analysis

wire rope failure analysis
ATS is a nationally known testing and inspection company that offers wire rope failure analysis. Our experts often participate in testing and evaluations.

Due to the wide variety of service conditions for wire ropes they are susceptible to many types of inadequacies and failures. It is important for consumers to frequently inspect wire ropes for signs of wear and fatigue. Wire ropes will inevitably fail if not used according to manufacturing limitations or when routine inspections for fatigue and wear are not properly performed. Eventually all wire ropes are removed from service when they meet established discard criteria.

ATS' wire rope analysis may reveal failures related to poor production, environmental effects, and improper service applications. With technically advanced labs and experienced engineers and experts we routinely uncover failures due to the following causes:

Common Causes Of Failure:
  • Mechanical Wear
  • Bending Fatigue
  • Corrosion
  • Shear Breaks
  • External Damage
  • Heat Damage
  • Internal Wire Breaks
  • External Wire Breaks
  • Inadequate Lubrication
  • Sheave Damage
  • Drum Damage
  • Overload

Common Testing Techniques and Capabilities:
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Visual Examinations
  • Coating Analysis
  • Metallographic Examination
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Environmental Testing
  • Microhardness