Permanent Roof Anchor Installs

roof installs for permanent fall protection- Licensed professional engineering services to ensure OSHA compliant anchor systems, we are nationally know and server client nationally and internationally
Planning, Designing , Installations, and Testing

Applied Technical Services develops roof anchor designs and performs high quality installations to clients in a wide range of different industries all over the world. Our staff of passionate and dedicated Professional Engineers (P.E.) develop roof anchor designs that meet a large number of different conformance standards including OSHA, NYSDOL, ANSI, CAL OSHA, IWCA, ASME and more. Above all else, we continually strive to deliver superior quality, state-of-the-art roof anchor systems to all of our clients at the highest possible value, giving them the benefit of having a practical solution they know they can trust.

Designing Plans

At ATS, our design and planning process for permanent roof anchor installation is incredibly thorough, allowing us to design a custom solution to meet the unique challenges that your business faces. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the United States and we offer inspections, testing and certifications of all new and existing systems.

Just a few of the steps that we'll take to help guarantee a satisfactory outcome for our clients include:

We provide engineering services for compliance so that you can be confident that you minimize risk. Our engineers are experienced, hands-on field and office professionals who you can count on.

  • A Comprehensive Site Inspection
  • A Detailed Structural Review
  • Roof Safety Analysis
  • Safety System Conception Layout
  • Engineered Design
  • Proposal and more

The ATS Touch

The high quality permanent roof anchor installation services provided by ATS enable the suspension of all platforms and fall protection anchorages that you may be working with. Our passion, coupled with our decades of experience, give us the ability to work with any type of commercial building or industrial structure that you may need. We approach every project diligently like the unique situation it is, allowing us to determine the best course of action to take to help you accomplish all of your goals and more.

If your business is looking for a trusted partner to handle all of your permanent roof anchor installation needs, please contact Applied Technical Services today.