Finite Element Analysis Services

ATS offers a full range of FEA testing, inspection and analysis services. Our licensed Professional Engineers may use a wide range of diagnostic and other technologies to predict how your systems and/or components will respond in a variety of conditions. Then our experts will apply the results to popular industry standards and codes. Thanks to our years of experience, we can create advanced CAD and FEA integrated meshes with precise structural, fluid and thermal representations. We ensure top quality analysis by doing validity checks, including convergence analysis, review of constraints, loads and hand calculations, all of which provide confidence in our solutions.

vibration testing

FEA Service Overview

  • Structural Predictions
  • Vibration Responses
  • Thermal Responses
  • Results Compared to Codes
  • Compliance to Standards
shock testing

FEA Thermal Analysis

  • Projects Heat Transfer Regions
  • Considers Environmental Influences
  • Heat Transfer Between Components
  • Identifies Problem Areas
  • Identifies Overheating Issues