Crash Reconstruction

traffic accident reconstruction
ATS has investigated a wide array of vehicular issues for insurance companies, rental companies, manufacturers, as well as both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Our Forensic staff has experience in Accident Reconstruction using the Bosch® CDR System ("Black-Box"), Vericom® dynamometer and G-meter engine diagnostic tools, and a Faro® digital scanner to assist in reconstructing the events of an accident. Our staff also has experience analyzing component failures on vehicles ranging from a Horse and Buggy to a Boeing® 757. ATS has indoor secured storage and a well lighted inspection area including a 15,000 lb. lift.

Capabilities and Equipment:
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Black Box Imaging
  • Component Failure
  • Stolen/Recovered
  • Hit & Run
  • Light Bulb Analysis
  • Bosch® Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System
  • Faro® Digital Scanner
  • HVE® Accident Computer Simulation
  • Engine Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Real-Time X-ray
  • Inspection & Storage Facility
  • 15,000 lb. Vehicle Lift
  • On-site Metallurgical/Chemical/Dimensional Labs
  • Unmanned Aircraft System