Natural Disaster Inspections

Many ispectors are always needed during a natural disaster. Our Natural Disaster Inspection team are always here to help.

Applied Technical Services’ organization of well-qualified professionals deliver textbook Natural Disaster Inspections and Investigation services to assist insurance companies and attorney firms. Through decades of experience initiated back to 1974, the ATS team has earned a reputation for generating the highest thorough and extremely accurate inspections and investigations for many cases of assorted values. Due to the accessibility to go anywhere in the U.S. or abroad, our Marietta, GA based team can investigate mostly any natural disaster inspections or investigation.

Although most of the testing and inspections emerges from our headquarters amenity in Marietta, our inspection services and broad mobile capabilities include residential, commercial, industrial, vehicular, marine, product liability, and combine. To fulfill the needs of our patrons, ATS experts uses state-of-the-art equipage and technology and will provide a full comprehensive natural disaster inspection investigation with a speedy turnaround time.

Certified HAAG Inspectors

ATS Natural Disaster investigators, due to the nature of many of these cases, are always prepared to contribute with expert testimony in a court of law in the event of litigation. When it comes to the natural disaster inspections, specialized training, skills, and experience are always not only needed but required.

ATS has some of the most qualified and affluential experts and professionals in the field. Some of the ATS team includes Civil/Structural Engineers, Forensic Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer personnel. Bottom-line, the results of a study are always only as strong and valuable as the process and technique used in reaching the conclusion. The need for a high caliber of validity and conviction is imperative to reach an irrefutable and final determination of any natural disaster inspection. Our natural disaster inspection investigators are Civil/Structural Engineers and are HAAG Certified in:

  • Commercial Roof Inspector Certification
  • Residential Roof Inspector Certification

  • Other common capabilities include:

    Water damages can come from many places and in a variety of methods. Here at ATS, we have other capabilities that can assist us during any HAAG Certified inspection:

  • UAV (Drone) Aerial Photography
  • IR Thermal Analysis
  • Faro® Digital Scanner

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