Traffic Accident Reconstruction

traffic accident reconstruction
ATS has performed traffic accident reconstruction for Insurance Companies, Rental Companies as well as both Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys.

Our investigators can document the accident scene using Forensic Mapping which captures the location of evidence, such as Area of Impact, Skid Length, Final Rest Positions and other key pieces of evidence which may become altered with time. Our investigators can also document the evidence associated with the vehicles involved in the accident, such as the crush profiles, crash data information from the vehicle's "black-box," and vehicle component investigation/failure analysis.

Capabilities and Equipment
  • Total Station® Forensic Mapping System
  • Bosch® Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System
  • Master Tech® Engine Diagnostic System
  • Indoor vehicle inspection facility with 15,000 lb. lift
  • Indoor vehicle storage
  • Access to ATS' Mechanical/Metallurgical/Chemical/Dimensional/x-ray capabilities to assist with vehicle or component analysis
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  • Crash Data Retrieval
  • Engine Diagnostic System
  • Indoor Vehicle Storage
  • Component Analysis
  • EDR - Veicle "Black Box" Downloading

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