ICC Structural Steel and Bolting Inspections

forensic site mapping

Applied Technical Services is a leading inspection company with many certified Inspectors. Our ICC Certified Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspectors have years of experience and are knowledgeable in the International Building Code (IBC). With a strong quality assurance program, ATS’ experts offer thorough inspections in a timely manner at competitive rates.

Inspection Process Includes:

  • Verify approved plans, procedures, specifications, standards and building codes
  • Verify materials meet ASTM requirements
  • Verify materials are properly stored
  • Verify proper materials – proper bolt type, size, grade, and condition
  • Verify proper fastener assemblies during bolting process
  • Verify snug-tight joints prior to pretensioning operation
  • Verify fastener component not turned by wrench
  • Pretensioned Fasteners in accordance to Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC) Specification

ATS’ detailed reports outline tests and evaluations performed and whether your bolting was compliant with approved plans and applicable codes. We have established an excellent reputation among many industries and offer services nationally and internationally.

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