ICC Structural Welding Special Inspections

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For almost a half of century Applied Technical Services has been offering a wide range of testing and inspection services. We have a variety of certified inspectors serving numerous industries. Our ICC Structural Welding Special Inspectors are experienced and familiar with the International Building Codes (IBC). In addition, we provide detailed reporting documenting your conformance with approved plans and applicable codes.

Inspection Process Includes:

  • Verify Welding Procedure specifications (WPS) and Proper Implementation
  • Verify Material Properties
  • Verify Welder Credentials
  • Review Joint Preparation
  • Weld Joint Fit-up
  • Proper Packaging and Exposure of Consumable Welding Goods
  • Monitor Environmental Conditions
  • Verify Actual Weld Technique
  • Clean Welds
  • Verify Size, Length and Location of Weld
  • Meets Visual Requirements
  • Arc Strikes
  • Backing and Weld Tabs Removed
  • Evaluation of Repairs

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