Helium Leak Testing

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The experts at Applied Technical Services are some of the best when in it comes to Helium Leak Testing. Our extensive experience in Helium Leak testing is frequently requested by many industries, including: Nuclear, Power Generation, Chemical, Automotive, etc. Helium Leak Testing is used for the detection of very small leaks in any component where a differential pressure can be generated. The Helium Leak rate can be reported as a quantitative (amount of leak rate) measurement. Helium leak testing can also be used to identify the location of very small leaks. Helium Leak testing may be use by customers to assess the performance of a material or to analyze or evaluate material longevity. Helium gas leak testing is primarily used as a leak testing medium because it is capable of being detected and quantified at very small leak rates (less than 1 cubic centimeter/300 years) and is inert and will not react with most components being tested.

Helium Leak Onsite Testing

Applied Technical Services has the capabilities to perform Helium Leak Testing either in our fully accredited laboratories or at our client’s facilities. Our Helium Leak team is certified by the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) in multiple leak rate methods. It is Applied Technical Services guiding principle to deliver the best value of services to our clients of Helium Leak Testing including clear and accurate assessment results in accordance with our clients and standard specifications. Our engineers and technicians for Helium Leak Testing are well experienced, qualified, driven for excellence, and are service time attentive.

Helium Leak Testing Methods

There are two primary methods to perform helium leak testing:

  • Quantitative Helium Leak testing is able to measure and quantify the total leak rate of helium of an item under test. The quantified leak rate is generated by using NIST traceable leak standards to calibrate and verify the equipment and tested system. This test is the most sensitive type of Helium Leak testing but it is often unable to pinpoint the exact location(s) of any possible leak paths.
  • Semi-quantitative leak tests are able to generate an approximate leak rate measurement. However, these tests are often able to pinpoint the location of any leak paths. These tests are less sensitive to quantitative helium leak test methods.

Whether the Helium Leak Testing its perform for the testing of a vessel, performance testing of tank floors, air conditioning components or piping systems, ATS has the capabilities and experience to satisfy your Helium Leak Testing needs.

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