Special Testing

special testing
Applied Technical Services is equipped to handle customized Load Tests, Pressure Tests, Accelerated Life Cycle Tests and Consumer Product Testing.

Our Special Testing Group has the equipment and knowledge to perform a wide variety of testing on a very broad spectrum of parts.

Load Testing

Applied Technical Services has performed numerous load tests on a variety of items ranging from space shuttle parts to hand railings. We have cyclically loaded small component parts with a just a few grams and have loaded large lifting fixtures in excess of 500,000 lbs. We can perform load testing on your parts in-house or on-site using either customer supplied fixtures or fixtures designed by ATS specifically for your needs. Our engineers work closely with our clients to simulate actual loading requirements to achieve the most accurate test scenarios.

Pressure Testing

Applied Technical Services has the capability to perform pressure testing both in-house and in the field. Our pressure capabilities range from high vacuum to 20,000 psig. We are able to test a large variety of items, whether it be qualification testing of nuclear components, proof testing your process piping system, or anything in between.

Accelerated Life Cycle and Wear Fatigue Testing

Applied Technical Services has the resources to simulate real world wear and tear testing. Our Engineers have performed many Accelerated Life Cycle tests as well as fatigue testing on numerous parts. Our range of parts tested includes prototype parts for small business ventures to production components from large industrial and manufacturing corporations. We have replicated a lifetime of use in a matter of days or even hours. We can use the data obtained to consult on ways to improve the product’s durability or make the product more cost competitive. We work closely with your team to make sure that this testing is an accurate representation of the actual and anticipated wear and tear that your product may endure.

Consumer Product Testing

Applied Technical Services has the resources and knowledge to perform your consumer product evaluations. We have performed various product tests on a wide range of consumer products; be it comparing vendors for quality, materials of construction, or code compliance and safety evaluations.

Helium Leak Testing

Applied Technical Services is equipped with the precise equipment necessary for performing helium leak testing. Our qualified and certified personnel are capable of performing leak tests on your critical application components.

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