Rockwell Hardness Testing

Rockwell Testing Image
Rockwell Resistance: the most widely practiced strength tests.

An indentation process, Rockwell Hardness testing is straightforward and uncomplicated in practice. Using a diamond or sphere-shaped indenter, a minor load is applied to a sample of the investigated material to remove any surface effects. Immediately following the minor load, a “major” load sets a force on the material for a specific amount of time, creating a deeper indentation. The calculation of the Rockwell hardness number takes the difference between both the minor and major loads.

Since Rockwell Hardness testing can measure the hardness of many materials, it is important that the correct Rockwell scale is defined per test.

ASTM: Internationally-Recognized Standards

Our Rockwell Hardness tests operate in designation with defined ASTM E-18 standards. ASTM standards are internationally recognized, developed by industry experts to define technical procedures that result in confident and safe insights. We abide by ASTM standards in our continued dedication to providing exceptional services for our clients.

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