Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tests

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Our Mechanical Testing department offers Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tests as part of our resistance and strength services.

Rockwell Superficial Hardness Testing follows the same procedures as the standard Rockwell Hardness test. The indentation process includes two stages: a “minor” and a “major”. The minor stage applies a “test” load to the material, followed by a “major” stage in which the test force defined is applied for a pre-determined duration of time. The difference of the indentation between the two stages is measured to derive insight into material resistance.

Rockwell Superficial Tests differ from their standard counterpart in the test forces applied in each stage. Superficial stages have less KGF (kilogram-force) applied at each stage versus its counterpart.

The Influence of ASTM

Accommodating our Rockwell Testing services are ASTM E-18 standards to ensure we follow the specific defined procedures. ASTM standards are an international cooperative function designed to enhance the performance of specific strategic procedures resulting in greater confidence in technical objectives. We at ATS believe ASTM focuses on being able to strengthen the progression of procedures that are directly linked to our clients.

Our Lab

Offering a complete range of services, our Mechanical Testing Lab is equipped with engineers and experts devoted to maintaining high-quality services to our clients. Working within numerous disciplines of Mechanical Testing prevents us from being limited in our offered services. The timely preparation and delivering of results remains mandatory in documenting essential details vital for client understanding.

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