Trace Metal Analysis in Organic and Inorganic Matrices

trace metal analysis
Do you suspect metals in your textiles? ATS can test for trace levels of metals for any element on the periodic table.

Our trained and highly skilled chemists have the capability to evaluate for the presence of metals down to the part per billion (ppb) range. Metals analysis for trace amounts is conducted on our ICP in accordance with ASTM E1479. Elements commonly requested for trace analysis include lead, cadmium or other heavy metals.

Common Trace Metal Analysis Include:
  • Heavy Metals
  • Fire Retardants
  • Tracers
  • Polymers
  • Custom Blends
  • Raw Materials

ATS's quality assurance program meets the most stringent industry requirements, including ISO 9001 certification and our laboratory is ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited

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