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2014 ATS Newsletter

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new gc/ms/ms
NDT LIXI & OpenVision™
rope access expands
it planning
fatigue lab capability
NBAA 2014
karl fischer unit
New Shaker System
cyclic corrosion chamber

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Expanded Capability in ATS Fatigue Lab
The ATS fatigue lab has purchased new load frames and now has the capability to cyclically test samples at loads as small as 30 lbs. up to 55,000 lbs. Testing is done at a wide range of frequencies. The load frames range from 5.5 Kip to 55 Kip for a total of 6 servo hydraulic test frames. We are capable of testing fracture toughness and fatigue samples from -40 C to 1000 C to most ASTM specifications. Two of the newly purchased load frames have a t-slot table base for specialized testing and easy fixturing for product testing. Additionally, the lab has also developed the capability to run strain controlled testing of strain gaged samples. This allows for testing in strain control in bending as well as detecting crack growth in specimen which cannot be out fitted with a crack tip opening gage. These are great additions to one of our newest testing capabilities.