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IT Annual Infrastructure Planning

Chances are your Information Technology team is working to handle the demands of your growing business. While keeping up with day-to-day issues and fixes is mandatory, evaluating and planning are critical steps to staying ahead of future IT issues and improving IT operations as a whole. The ATS IT Services and Technology Solutions team offers an annual review and can provide updated mapping and documentation of current architecture as well as recommendations for the future.

Often times your "IT guy" is bogged down with the daily troubleshooting and can often overlook opportunities to improve tools, systems, and processes. There are 3 specific areas you should be re-evaluating now:
  1. Security employees are using a wider range of devices from a wider range of locations. Have you updated your internal usage policies? What tools and education are you providing to employees about proper practices with devices and online activity? When was the last time you evaluated the capabilities of your firewall and anti-virus software?
  2. Storage many employees save all their documents to the desktop. While this might be easiest method for them, it is unlikely the best method for the organization or their own productivity. Because employees and the devices they use are more mobile, they should be able to access what they need wherever they are without the extra steps of savings to a USB drive and carrying documents around. Is your company already using Cloud Storage? If so, has it been implemented consistently across the organization?
  3. Collaboration sharing documents for feedback and input across email is a drain on your systems and work efforts. Using a platform like SharePoint or a free online tool can make teamwork simple even across disparate geographies. Project-tracking capabilities can allow your team members to check current status versus sending out an email to update the entire team. Collaboration tools can help generate detailed reports easily. When documents are all stored in a single place, you have better version control and easy access for employees. Although unfortunate, staff turnover equals knowledge loss, and when colleagues aren't familiar with pre-existing collateral, they are stuck re-inventing the wheel.
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