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Karl Fischer Unit
At Applied Technical Services we have acquired a state of the art Karl Fischer unit capable of volumetric and coulometric titration which offers a detection limit of 5ppm 5 g. Our system also utilizes a specialized oven attachment which allows analysis of moisture in solid samples by vaporization of the moisture. Our Karl Fischer unit is able to provide moisture measurements in terms of % moisture, parts per million (PPM), and micrograms (g) of water.

Karl Fischer (KF) Titration is a technique for the determination of moisture content. The KF method is one of the few techniques that will measure water content and not be affected by other volatiles. With our KF titration unit both free and bound water can be determined, for example surface water on crystals or the water contained inside them. The method works over a wide concentration range from 5 ppm up to 100% and supplies reproducible and accurate results. Our unit can effectively test numerous types of solid or liquid samples with an unprecedented degree of accuracy due to our tightly sealed system and use of head space vials for oven application.

Example applications, moisture content of:
  • Petrochemicals, including fuels, oils, crudes, hydraulic fluids and lubricants
  • Polymers, including pellets, polymer/solvent mixtures, raw materials and precursors
  • Pharmaceuticals, including powders, liquids, tablets/pills and lyophilized samples
  • Cosmetics, including makeup, soaps, and toothpaste
  • Chemical Applications, including solvents, salts, organic matter, and metals
  • Foods, including liquids, formula, mixes, and others