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A Year In Review.

January 2017

ATS Expands Wind Speed Calibration Services

wind speed calibration services

ATS is working to increase our capabilities in the Wind Speed Calibration Services.

Another year has passed and our stake in the wind flow calibration field is increasing. As mentioned in prior years, as the renewable energy market increases worldwide, so does the need for reliable and precise measuring equipment.

Wind power is quickly gaining structure and provides a cost benefit alternative to other forms of energy.

This need also drives the need for reliable and accurate measuring equipment. ATS has always met these demands and will continue to do so as we evolve into this new discipline.

ATS Environmental Calibrations has taken the next step in widening our approach to velocity calibrations by adding a more powerful, high-precision wind tunnel. With the addition of our new custom fabricated wind tunnel, we have widened our capabilities in the testing of various types of portable anemometers, wind speed indicators, & hot wire anemometers traceable to NIST. The process began with our small model wind tunnel in 2015. Capable of sourcing a uniform flow rate with wind speeds from 2.5 meters / second (492 ft/min) up to 15 meters / second (2953 ft/min). As of January 2017, we have added a new Eiffel-type Calibration Wind Tunnel. This new unit is capable of sourcing wind velocities of up to 35 meters / second with an increased accuracy of 1.2% vs. the traditional 2%.

Calibration of end users assets are verified through written procedures. Each unit is meticulous tested in both increasing & decreasing speed direction to account for any hysteresis effects. Wind Vane anemometers are further inspected for physical defects such as burs, cracks, or chips in the vane blade. After the testing is completed, all data is then recorded and compared to manufacturer specifications or end user requested specifications.

We expect great things from our new equipment and hope to further increase our name as a dynamic calibrations lab.