A Year In Review.

January 2017

Xenon Weathering Testing

xenon weathering testing

Weathering effects due to sunlight exposure can be cosmetic (color fading, gloss change) or more structural in nature (paint blistering, flaking, etc.). Both can have significant consequences to manufacturers of products subjected to outdoor conditions.

To meet an increasing demand from the automotive industry, ATS has purchased several new Xenon chambers to accelerate the effects of sunlight exposure.

The Environmental Simulations Group now operates a total of Six (6) Atlas Ci4000 chambers and Four (4) QSUN chambers.

These state-of-the-art chambers can replicate a wide variety of conditions found worldwide, from dry (Kalahari desert-type) to hot and humid (Florida). With exposures ranging from a few hours to a few months, ATS performs weathering tests on components placed behind glass (dashboards) or directly subjected to solar radiation (bumpers).