A Year In Review.

January 2018

Consulting Engineering Reaches New Heights

29 CFR OSHA 1910.27

ATS Consulting Engineering consists of commercial services, industrial services, reliability services, power services and our rope access services. Our commercial services division has been helping clients with their suspended access and fall protection compliance needs for over 25 years.

On January 17, 2017 OSHA published a new regulation affecting the commercial services industry. The regulation is 29 CFR OSHA 1910.27 - Scaffolds and Rope Descent Systems and it is bringing much attention to the importance of design, inspection, testing and certification of suspended access and life-safety equipment.

With the new regulation, ATS commercial services is growing quickly, adding to our excellent staff of engineers and consultants, as well as expanding clientele across the U.S. In addition, ATS rope access services are growing at a rapid pace. Aside from their own ventures, our rope access specialists assist both commercial services and industrial services projects, such as exterior building façade inspections and large tank inspections. Combining the ATS rope access division with commercial services and industrial services provides clients with a one-stop-shop for at-height solutions and is offering new opportunities for ATS to continue to grow and be a leading engineering firm in these industries. We look forward to reaching new heights in 2018.