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A Year In Review.

January 2018

Introducing: ATS2

Introducing: ATS<sup>2</sup>

Keeping a handle on the hundreds or thousands of pieces of equipment at a single client site can be difficult at best and impossible at worst. There are so many machines, functions, and unmarked locations to consider that many clients do not have a reliable way to both identify individual assets and keep track of what work needs to be done to them.

Thankfully, ATS is rolling out a new software solution for just this bevy of problems. ATS2 (Applied Technical Services’ Asset Tracking System) is a SharePoint-powered database that monitors a catalog of all equipment at a specific client site.

Each entry into ATS2 represents a single piece of equipment and offers a wealth of information related to that equipment: construction materials, inspection standards, equipment age, date of next visual inspection, etc. A list of every inspection performed on that asset, along with the date completed and the final report associated with the inspection, is organized and available for analysis. Action items and preventative maintenance recommendations noted in past reports are assigned as tasks to appropriate technicians for repair or observation.

Users can find assets with ease from among thousands with SharePoint’s powerful search and metadata systems. Entries can even be sorted according to how soon they need to be re-inspected and alerts sent when an inspection is overdue; this perspective is important to keep clients’ assets up to standard with regular inspections. Better a gentle reminder than a rude awakening.