A Year In Review.

January 2018

Class A Lab Certification From Daimler AG

class a lab certification from Daimler AG

To meet an increasing demand from automotive suppliers, Marietta’s Environmental Simulations Group is expanding in scope to include the coveted ‘Class A’ lab certification from Daimler AG.

The 'Class A' certification involves a rigorous process including audits from Daimler AG and round robin verification tests.Daimler’s ‘Class A’ certification is currently pursued for corrosion testing (salt spray) per DIN EN ISO 11997-1, resistance of coatings to Crosscut Adhesion, Stone Chip & Pressure Water-Jetting per DIN EN ISO 2409, DIN EN ISO 20567-1 and DIN EN ISO 16925.

Four (4) cyclic corrosion chambers and Two (2) additional QSUN Xenon weathering chambers were also added in 2017. The Environmental Simulations Group now operates Twelve (12) corrosion chambers and Twelve (12) Xenon weathering chambers.