Rubber Testing

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Why Test Rubber?

Manufacturers select component materials for use in their products based on the expected performance capabilities of those chosen materials. For example, tires need to be durable enough to withstand normal driving conditions, pliable enough to deform without breaking when exposed to stress, elastic enough to snap back into shape after they have been deformed by extreme amounts of pressure, and tough enough to resist failure due to tearing. To ensure that the rubber they choose will perform to expectations under each of these circumstances, an OEM would send a sample of their material to a third-party testing lab like Applied Technical Services, Inc.

Testing Capabilities

ATS offers a list of mechanical and chemical tests that will determine the characteristics of clients’ test materials, whether for quality control or failure analysis purposes. We provide the following rubber-related testing methods, performed to their relevant ASTM standards:

  • Tensile Testing
    • Tests strength, elongation, breaking point of material
    • Can be used to determine stiffness when stretched and amount of compression when stretched
    • ASTM D412
Capabilities (continued)
  • Durometer Hardness Analysis
    • Tests resistance to deforming under pressure
    • Categorized into one of twelve groups of hardness, measured on a scale from 0-100
    • ASTM D2240
  • Compression Set Testing
    • Tests durability and elasticity
      • Used only for rubber
    • Determines material’s ability to reform to its original shape after being subjected to long periods of pressure
      • Applied multiple times at different pressures and temperatures
    • ASTM D395
  • Polymer Identification
    • Uses FTIR method
    • Analyzes chemical makeup of polymer
      • Can be used for quality control, failure analysis, etc.
    • ASTM E1252

ATS and Rubber Testing

For over 50 years, ATS has provided world-class testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services to clients from a variety of industries. Our labs are A2LA accredited to carry out each of the above methods to their relevant standards, and our collection of chemists and technicians pride themselves in the quality they bring to the performance of these tests. It is due to the combination of our expertise and access to our finely calibrated equipment that ATS can deliver accurate results faster than other labs. Let ATS take care of your rubber testing needs today.

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