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Class Enrollment Form

ndt class enrollment form

Submission of this form does not secure a seat in class. Payment by Pay Pal or phone is required before the student may come to class. If Pay Pal is not an option or you prefer not to use it, please call 1-888-287-5227 for other options to submit payment.

ATS Class Enrollment Form
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Aircraft Wheel Inspection (ET): $950
Eddy Current Level I (ET): $1300
Eddy Current Level II (ET): $1300
Film Interpretation: $950
Infrared Level I (IR): $1100
Infrared Level II (IR): $1300
IRRSP Refresh: $850
Level III Refresher: $500
Liquid Penetrant Level I/II (PT): $850
Liquid Penetrant/Magnetic Particle Level I/II (PT/MT): $1500
Magnetic Particle Level I/II (MT): $950
MT – NAS410: $1175
PT – NAS410: $1175
Radiography Level I (RT): $1300
Radiography Level II (RT): $1300
Radiation Safety: $1250
Ultrasonic Testing Level I (UT): $1300
Ultrasonic Testing Level II (UT): $1300
Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT): $950
Visual Training Level I/II (VT): $950

Registration – Registration for ATS' training courses are open to individuals and companies. Although there are no academic requirements for enrollment, Level II courses are intended for individuals who have successfully completed Level I training in a particular method.

Valid ID (Passport, Military ID, or Valid Driver's License will be required on the first day of class.)

Dress for class is casual, however; sandals, flip-flops,tank-tops and shorts are not allowed due to the nature of the facility and the potential for danger in the lab area.

Course Materials – Training materials are provided for daily use as well as future reference. Training materials are supplemented with handouts and daily quizzes. Course completion certificates are provided to each student passing the course examination for which 70% is a passing grade.

ATS needs e-mail notification of cancellation at least two (2) business weeks prior to the first day of the course for a full refund. If a student cancels a class less than two (2) business weeks before the class start date, only 50% of the course registration fee will be refunded. If we cancel a course, at least five days notice will be given and a full refund will be issued or you can be rescheduled.

No refund will be given to any cancellation submitted after close on the day prior to the start of class.

“No-Shows” without prior arrangements will not receive a refund.

Only one (1) reschedule from a customer's request will be allowed.