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ndt class payment

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ATS Training Department
NDT Class Payment
Course Name Fee Pay Now
Aircraft Wheel Inspection (ET) $950
CWI Preparatory Course $1699
Eddy Current Level I (ET) $1300
Eddy Current Level II (ET) $1300
Film Interpretation $950
Infrared Level I (IR) $1100
Infrared Level II (IR) $1300
Introduction to NDT $1300
IRRSP Refresh $850
Level III Refresher $500
Liquid Penetrant Only - 16 hrs (PT) $850
Liquid Penetrant NAS410 Only - 32 hrs (PT) $1175
Liquid Penetrant/Magnetic Particle Level I/II (PT/MT) $1500
Magnetic Particle Only - 24 hrs (MT) $950
Magnetic Particle NAS410 Only - 32 hrs (MT) $1175
Radiation Safety $1250
Radiography Level I (RT Film) $1300
Radiography Level I (RT Digital) $1300
Radiography Level I (RT Computed) $1300
Radiography Level I (RT Non Film NAS410) $1300
Radiography Level I (RT Film/Non-Film NAS410) $2100
Radiography Level I (RT Non Film Transition NAS410) $900
Radiography Level II (RT Film) $1300
Radiography Level II (RT Digital) $1300
Radiography Level II (RT Computed) $1300
Radiography Level II (RT Non Film NAS410) $1300
Radiography Level II (RT Film/Non-Film NAS410) $2100
Ultrasonic Testing Level I (UT) $1300
Ultrasonic Testing Level II (UT) $1300
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) $950
Visual Training Level I/II (VT) $950