EPA Method 24

GCMS Machine
A Brief History

The EPA Method 24 VOC testing method was first established by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1984. It quickly became a nationally recognized testing standard that many different companies use and accept to quantify VOC levels in liquid samples. Applied Technical Services, Inc. offers a variety of VOC testing methods, including EPA 24 and similar liquid testing methods such as CARB 310 and ASTM 3960. We keep our clients and their products compliant with government and industry standards for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers.

About the Method

EPA Method 24 is made up of two parts. In the first, we apply several testing methods to determine the total amount of VOC content. If only performing the first section of the analysis, our results will provide more general information like a total solids content, density, water content, and the total VOC value.

The second part of EPA 24 involves using GCMS testing to identify the individual VOCs present and determine their relative percentage of the test material’s chemical makeup. Although the EPA 24 standard requires GCMS testing to account for exempt compounds to meet regulation requirements, many of our customers will meet requirements in the first section of testing without needing to consider the exempt compounds discovered by GCMS.

This testing is ideally used for liquids and requires 200–300 milliliters of test materials. Some clients submit finished products for evaluation, while others submit raw materials or additives to be used for future products. We do, however, recommend testing the final product when possible, since the actual VOC values can differ greatly from the theoretical or calculated value of the product’s constituents.

ATS and EPA 24

We have analyzed countless samples for VOCs. Our chemists are experienced in analyzing water–based and solvent–based samples. We know each sample is unique, and that many samples will require different approaches; we are not afraid of an unusual test material and will go the extra mile to make sure we report the most accurate information.

ATS has provided consulting, engineering, testing, and inspection services for 50 years. Our team of chemists is dedicated to offering the most thorough analysis in a timely manner; when you require VOC testing services, ATS will ensure you get the important information you need to remain standard–compliant.

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