Weld Testing, Inspections, and Analysis

Applied Technical Services, Inc. (ATS) is a leading provider of weld testing and inspections. Since our founding in 1967, our team of experts including Professional Engineers, Certified Welders, Certified Weld Inspectors, API Inspectors, Scientists, Chemists and Accredited/Certified Technicians have been evaluating weldments. As a provider we offer a large realm of assessments including Nondestructive Testing, Mechanical Testing, Materials Testing, Chemical Analysis, Failure Analysis, and more. With accurate test results, quick turnarounds and a corporate quality assurance program; ATS has earned an excellent reputation in the manufacturing, power generation, petrochemical, nuclear, aerospace, automotive, steel and commercial infrastructure industries.

vibration testing

Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI)

  • AWS Certified
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Laboratory Services
  • Field Inspection Services
  • Nationally and Internationally
shock testing

Weld Inspections

  • NDT Inspections
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Accelerated Weathering
  • Failure Analysis
seismic testing

Pipeline Inspections

  • Avoid costly leaks
  • Avoid environmental disasters
  • Detect cracking
  • Detect manufacturing flaws
  • Internal/External Corrosion
vibration testing

Weld Failure Analysis

  • Weld Overload
  • Poor Welding Method
  • Metallurgical Failure
  • Weld Defects
  • Joint Design
IEEE 344

Welding Certification

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Welder Meets Codes/Standards
  • Fillet and Grove Wels
  • Multiple Positions
  • Plates and Pipe Certifications

Weld Coupon Testing

  • Mail Coupons
  • Drop Off Coupons
  • Certify at Our Facility
  • Fast Turnarounds
  • Qualify Plate and Pipe Coupons
floor vibration analysis

Welding Engineering

  • Welding Procedure Specifications
  • PQR(s)
  • Ensures stadards are observed
  • Verify Proceedure qaulifications
  • Ensures quality assurance