ATS Industrial Rope Access Program Continues To Expand And Deliver

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ATS Industrial Rope Access Program Continues To Expand And Deliver

ATS began the Industrial Rope Access Program in 2012 with the sole purpose of creating the safest program in the industry. We set the bar high by integrating ATS’s vast experience within the Commercial Services fall protection and façade access department.  Seven years later, having established a reputation of excellence in creating solutions for unique access projects, ATS has created the Special Access Services department which consists of rope access, aerial, and submersible drones.

January 1st 2019 became the official start of improving the “how” we get to work by incorporating rope access techniques, small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV), and submersible Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV). With access to the inspection locations being half the battle, ATS is excited to be an innovator in efficiency to that end and to what is sure to be an exciting opportunity of solving the most challenging access issues for our clients.

Whether it be precision drones for external use, the most advanced collision tolerant drones for internal inspection, or intelligent submersibles for inspecting water storage tanks, ATS is equipped to compete at the highest level of cutting-edge inspection technology. What further sets the Special Access Services staff apart from our competition is we are certified inspectors first, who also happen to have FAA Part 107 licensure and SPRAT certification. Having the same team immediately assessing potential indications or obstructed views eliminates the disadvantages of “hands off inspections”.

New for 2020 is ATS’s fall protection training center specializing in SPRAT certification training. With more firms using rope access as a standard method of access, an internal training program is key to keeping that competitive edge. ATS is intent on becoming the southeast’s premiere fall protection training center and we are excited about what possibilities this facility will present.