ATS Acquires ITC

We are pleased to announce that ATS has finalized an agreement to acquire Intermountain Testing Company (ITC) as a wholly owned subsidiary in Denver, CO. This firm expands ATS’ footprint into the Rocky Mountain region, opening new avenues for business.

ITC possesses a wealth of experience providing NDT inspections, Welding Qualifications, and support for clients throughout the Rockies. Their seasoned technicians perform a variety of methods, including UT, RT, MT, PT, and Visual inspections. ITC also has an experienced staff of AWS Certified Welding Inspectors and offers a full-service welding qualification laboratory.

ITC’s President, Joe Ferguson, has led the company since 1995. Along with Mike Carroll (Vice President), they have honed their business to be a quality-focused, customer-first organization.

Our announcement does not indicate a change in services to existing customers — ITC will operate independently and continue to serve its clientele just as it has in the past. The only change is that they will now have ATS’ backing and resources to support their efforts in providing superior quality and value in their services.

ITC’s expertise and credentials complement our own, and both organizations stand to grow from this union. As of December 22, 2020, we are excited to present Intermountain Testing Company as the newest addition to the ATS family!

Learn more about ITC on their website at