ATS Combines Testing Groups Under New Leadership

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ATS Combines Testing Groups Under New Leadership
When ATS says “we take a closer look,” we mean we look at everything that can improve our customers’ experience.

Not only do we continually evaluate our technical and quality services, but we also focus on the value of our employees and how they impact our business. In reviewing our teams this year, we are happy to announce the merging of several groups, which also provided the opportunity to promote outstanding team members to lead them.

Burak Aykuz will head up a new division of our Materials Testing business unit as manager. Burak is a proven leader in growing the business to accommodate our customers’ testing needs and expanding our global client base. This new division will consist of five distinct groups which are Metallurgy, Failure Analysis & Polymers led by Emily Bardugon, Group Manager; Weld & Mechanical Testing led by Bryan Flores, Group Manager; Special Testing & Fatigue led by Eric Sproat, Group Manager; Chesapeake Materials Testing led by Eric Shiner, Operations Manager; and the Machine Shop led by Sergio Bedoya, Operations Manager.

Burak and his team of Managers will work together as a cohesive unit to meet the varied testing needs of our clients.