ATS Advances Capabilities in RVI

Gas turbine RVI borescope
ATS is more prepared to help customers assess the health of their industrial assets after investing in their Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) service line.
ATS deploys experienced personnel and equipment to look inside of assets without disassembly or a confined space entry. This type of inspection can be the most cost-effective means of assessing the internal condition of an asset. The insights gained are often used to make engineering recommendations, plan maintenance, or target the use of other NDT inspection disciplines.
ATS utilizes premium borescopes that can measure indications precisely, robotics capable of delivering a payload, high resolution vessel/push cameras, and an arsenal of retrieval tools capable of securing the most difficult to recover foreign objects. ATS has technicians experienced in borescope inspections of large frame gas turbines and aircraft engines. ATS has the most experienced commercial Nuclear Head Exam and cleaning team in North America.
Imagine what time and money you could save if you could just see inside of your plant assets. ATS is here to deliver outcomes in moments that matter!