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ASTM B117 Testing

Applied Technical Services offers ASTM B117 testing services that determine the corrosion resistance qualities of metals and coated metals. Our accredited salt spray testing lab conducts accelerated corrosion testing that simulates real-world weather events and environmental conditions. We help manufacturers improve their quality control, material selection, and research and development processes.
Why is Salt Spray Testing, and Why is it Important?
Salt spray tests subject samples to corrosive conditions and environments, allowing experts to evaluate how various materials perform in specific conditions over specific periods of time. In general, salt spray tests consist of the following:
While the corrosion of metals may seem inevitable, high-saline environments accelerate the process and should be of particular concern for manufacturers. Fortunately, salt spray testing is a valuable tool for evaluating the anticorrosive properties of a material. Failure to conduct corrosion testing may result in visual changes, costly repairs, deformation, safety hazards, and premature failure.
ASTM B117 Testing
The American Society for Testing and Materials developed the ASTM B117 standard as a general outline for recommended practices concerning salt spray testing. The document establishes the parameters needed to sustain a salt spray test environment that yields accurate results.
More About Our Salt Spray Testing Capabilities
Our experienced professionals carefully consider the needs of our clients when selecting the appropriate salt spray test method. We evaluate several factors, including the sample’s composition, intended application, and coating type, to ensure that our test methods accurately simulate corrosive conditions. We offer corrosion testing services that adhere to multiple common standards, including:
About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services offers professional consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services to businesses worldwide. In our 55 years of business, we have served clients in nearly every industry imaginable, from aerospace and construction to manufacturing and renewable energy. Our A2LA-accredited testing facilities have state-of-the-art technology capable of conducting services that meet the personalized demands of our client’s requests while also adhering to the relevant industry standards and practices. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 to learn more about our salt spray testing lab and other corrosion testing services.

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